Netherworld Post Office Makes Spooky Greeting Cards

Make More Mail

For about the price of a cup of coffee, you can send a card that will likely be kept for many years, taped to a wall or pinned to a cork board.

"I thought of you. I'm proud of you. I'm sorry you're in a crunch. I love you."


"I have developed a truly unhinged theory on this show we both like. Here is a bit of lore I'm kinda obsessed with. These two characters hate each other, now they are kissing."

Pay If You Want: Downloadable Mail Labels

Please Deliver via

Please Deliver via

Please Deliver via

Pay If You Want: Downloadable Do Not Open Until Labels

Do Not Open Until

Do Not Open Until
Moon Rise

Do Not Open Until
Your Birthday

Growing Collection of High-Res PDF Downloads

We offer labels for mail, parcels, and organization. Monsters, adventuring professions, holidays and seasons. Print at home or in the office, or send to a sticker printer. Make them into rubber stamps!