Is Netherworld Post Office an art project or a business? It is a problem.

What began as web experiments in the early 90s, when the internet was so new and fresh, has grown into a studio for writing and research, drawing and painting.

The name of the studio has evolved countless times but the mission remains forever the same: lighthearted things that do not exist but should. Make the world a bit weirder, more special. Tap into the magic underpinning existence.

As a greeting card company, we began in 2012 as Evil Supply Co., shifting names in 2024 to better reflect a lack of true crime or horror (a clarification of purpose, not a judgement).

Atticus Q. Redghost (they/them) is a cartoonist and writer and researcher and dreamer of wild, wonderful places near by and far away.

Work themes typically revolve around “Monster? You mean my best friend in the multiverse who has done nothing wrong, ever, to anyone?” and 80s to 90s imagery because they are middle-aged and like bright colors.

Board of Mischief

While large companies have a board of directors, Netherworld Post has a Board of Mischief. To honor countless years of advice, ideas, support, and troublemaking, I wish to publicly thank my greatest cheerleaders. Not only would I be unable to do all of this without you, I wouldn't want to.

Fang (she/her)

The loudest voice in my bouquet of support and the silliest, most ridiculous person I have ever had the pleasure of making nonsense with. Fang's storytelling ability and improvisational skills are unmatched. On top of all of this, she is terrifyingly knowledgable in sci-fi and fantasy.

Josh the Programmer (he/him)

My technical advisor and anchor that has helped me sift through countless debris fields, sifting through ideas for the best projects, and providing me with countless tools. Josh is an amazing programmer who makes both websites and servers do intensely neat, weird things.

Donovan Beeson (she/her)

My postal advisor and the most knowledgeable person I have ever met on the flow of making art then getting it into the mail. Donovan is the most "artist" artist I've ever met. Constantly tinkering, specific visions, chaotic paper samples drawer.

Other Projects

Please send proposal requests to

Back Office

In addition to the front office shop, Netherworld Post Office also offers RPG lore, character, monster, and realm research and writing services. 

Weddings, Parties, Stationery Stores & Gift Shops

Our entire line of work is available for bulk orders customized for weddings and parties, or wholesale for stationery stores and gift shops. Discounts and shipping speed based on volume.