We hold true to the ideals of "always spooky, never scary." This is not an indictment of horror, or anything else for that matter. This is our chosen direction.

We print and produce work late in the night, on weekends, any time that is off-peak. While this moderates production speed, it tremendously lowers cost without sacrificing paper or ink quality.

We work on a deep pool of subjects within a shallow range of products. We focus on greeting cards, postcards, zines, and printable downloads. This allows us to work very efficiently at all times, again lowering costs without sacrifice.

We keep packaging simple, minimal, focusing on protecting the order to you.

Many of the characters in our stories live their lives with a queer experience. Our stories are joyous, silly, short, often bright and colorful. We are a joyous, queer company and our tales so reflect.

We are appreciative of your time, money, and support. Wherever possible, we select independent businesses to support in our professional and personal lives.