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Transparency in Business

Our privacy policy is standard stuff. In short: we do not buy, sell, rent, distribute, or in any other way share our mailing list. If there is a problem, you have a question, wish to confirm an unsubscribe, please contact us.

We send an email blast about twice a month. If we get too busy or do not have enough compelling non-sales content, we'll hold off until we do.

Mailing lists are important, often critical, to small business survival.

Social media networks have enabled Netherworld Post, and countless other shops, blogs, and makers, start and continue their business. Conversely, social media companies are increasingly hostile to small businesses. Dashboard algorithms serve their owners -- not you, the audience, nor us, the creators.

Mailing lists vastly help tilt odds into the favor of survival, and success, and thriving, because it allows us to focus more on making things -- products for sale, projects for enjoyment for free, blog posts, rambles, memes, jokes (you get the picture), rather than dealing with the frustratingly complex, increasingly expensive, ads and promoted posts.

As often as possible, I would rather spend our ad budget to make more spooky comics, send more silly postcards, and write more monster stories, than a social media ad that may or may not reach folks that enjoy our silly comics, spooky postcards, monster stories, et cetera.

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