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Netherworld Post Office

PO Box 2228
Chicago, IL 60690
United States of America

Topics & Boundaries
  • I love hearing about Halloween traditions (be they October-bound or year-round!)
  • I love discussing myths and legends! Local or discovered worldwide, from our world or fictional worlds, original to you or ones that you have found.
  • I'm happy to hear about your city, town, village, country. Or your characters and their homes!
  • Similarly, I respectfully do not enjoy hard horror. My love of Halloween is soft and spooky.
  • While I cannot read Netherworld Post fan fiction (copyright concerns), I love reading fanfic about Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Scooby-Doo, and old cartoons in general!


Terms of Sending & Usage
  • The top address line must be "Netherworld Post Office." The real world postal service is sticky on this.
  • Please do not send order inquiries, customer service requests, money, food, drinks, candy, or other perishables.
  • Please do not send story or blog submissions; these cannot be used due to copyright concerns.
  • Your entry may be edited for content or length as we desire for editorial, marketing, any other purpose without notification.
  • For entertainment purposes only. Any advice will likely be a bit terrible and/or impossible, please do not actually follow it.
  • All submissions, used onscreen or not, become property of Netherworld Post Office without compensation or notice.
  • We do not guarantee responses. If we respond and said response letter is lost in the mail, it unfortunately cannot be replaced. We do not notify if a letter is going to be responded to.
  • We do not make in-person appearances nor meetup opportunities nor do we offer office / shop tours.